Certification Program

Certified Humly Partners have raised their knowledge regarding Humly Solutions and are able to provide a delightful experience for our end-customers.

Register for a partner account and begin the certification test in the partner portal.
(only approved resellers eligible - allow up to 12 h before access)


Who should sign up?

Both existing Humly Resellers that want to increase their knowledge about Humly as well as new resellers that want to get the best start possible on your Humly journey. You sign up as an individual - representing your organization. 

What are the benefits for me and my company?

-  Personal Certificate for each person that passes the test.
-  The company (reseller) you work for will be classified as Certified Partner.
-  A Certified Partner can be listed and linked on our website
-  A Certified Partner will have a hotline to Humly Support.
-  Humly will prioritize a Certified Partner when forwarding business opportunities that come directly to us.


Why should I get certified?

The idea behind the certification program is to raise the knowledge about Humly on a reseller level, for you to feel more confident and for the end-customer to receive the best possible delivery at a consistent level. 

What does the certification look like?

The Certification is self study only and cost free.
All documentation you need to study: found here
A link to the partner portal: found here

What if I chose not to certify?

You will still be able to sell Humly and order from our Distributors, just like today, but will miss out on the benefits above.

We are here for you! 

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